July 22, 2013

Princess and Ultraman

A conversation with my daughter while we was watching S.W.A.T movie. She was sitting on my lap bermanja2 like a cat...

Mommy: Kak Hana, what do you want to be when you grow up? When you become a big girl like mommy?

Hana: -Quiet- (I guess she didn't understand my question).

Mommy: Do you want to be a police? Like that aunty ? (Pointing to Michelle Rodriguez as Chris Sanchez) You can shoot people.

Hana: No.

Mommy: How about a Doctor. Like Cik Ana. Like Mama Yaya. You can give ubat to mommy. You can do this (pretending to use stethoscope to listen to her heart).

Hana: No Mommy, no. Kak hana want to be a princess. Like this (doing this pique turns in ballet dancing). 

Mommy: Hahaha, ok kakhana.

Suddenly Amzar jumped onto my lap and said with his *sengau* voice:

Amzar: Mommy, Amzar ultraman. Ultraman tigaaaa (showing his fist)

Mommy: Hahaha, ok Amzar ok.

Honestly I don't know how my children got the idea, a girl has to become a princess while a boy will turn to ultraman when they grow up. Like my daughter, Hana, I never exposed her with any princess characters in movies/books/cartoons. I guess she found out by herself from the TV or perhaps Hi5 programme. Never see her watching any princess movies/cartoons though. Or maybe she is influenced by her favourite cousin? As for Amzar, he wasn't a big fan of Ultraman programme before. In fact he ran and hid in his room when bibik switched the programme to Ultraman. I don't know when exactly that he became so obsessed in Ultraman and everything now is about this character. Nak tshirt ultraman, nak kaler ultraman.. bla bla.. And same goes for Hana.. nak bag princess, nak watch princess, nak dress like princess.. Haiya!

On the other hand, I hope one day Hana and Amzar will become a Doctor (Medical) or Accountant. Why accountant? Because that was my ambition when I was in high school before Cik Awa took it from me. (Sobs) And medical Doctor (enough with 'I'm-Dr-Ross-Geller, I have PhD' thing), because I believe that is the most respectful profession in a way that this is the only job that actually saves human lives. I remember that my mother used to tell me the reason, why Doctors are better than Engineers. She said, let say if something terrible happened, perhaps a bridge had collapsed and hit a car. If you are a civil engineer, you can do nothing about it except for post analysis and investigation on why this tragedy occurred in the first place. However, if you are a Doctor, and you happen to be at the scene before the paramedic team arrives, you could actually help to save the victim's life. Another example that I noticed, if one of our family members is a Doctor, or perhaps one of our friends, we always ask them for free medical advice. People don't do that to Engineers because Engineers can only solve specific problems and not common problem that we encounter everyday.

Whatever it is, I hope my children can become "orang yang berguna untuk bangsa, agama dan negara'. No matter what profession they choose, I hope they'll make a wise decision and become someone that their parents can be proud of.

My princess with her favourite aunt..

My ultraman..

July 09, 2013

Ignorance Is Bliss

All you need in this life is ignorance and confidence; then success is sure.
Mark Twain (1835 - 1910), Letter to Mrs Foote, Dec. 2, 1887

Sometimes not seeing things can be a blessing.