September 18, 2012

Our first outing to Legoland MALAYSIA, Nusajaya

The crowd at the entrance

From my half day experience in Legoland..


One of the cafes in Adventureland

Duplo Playtown @ Imagination

  • It IS a family theme park. 
  • Mostly suitable for kids between age 4 to 17.
  • The rides are not challenging enough for roller coaster’s die hard fans (if compared to Alton tower, USS or Disneyland)
  • Most of the rides for younger children require minimum height of 100cm. 
  • Better wait until 2013 where Legoland water theme park is due to open. More rides hence worth the ticket price (unless they increase the price). 
  • Children between age 6 to 15 years old would enjoy so much all the activities in here. 
  • It is very hot in Legoland since all the trees planted are still young. A friend of mine told me that the management is in the process to install misty fans. I hope this is true. 


  1. After you pass through the entrance, you’ll be greeted by ‘The Beginning’, with Legoland merchandise store and The Cafe on your left, and mini market and reception on your right. Go to the left side of the park (to Lego Technic) if you are a family with older children (who would meet all the height requirements). Proceed to the right side of the park (to Lego City) if you come with younger children. 
  2. You’ll be amazed by the miniature of landmark buildings in Miniland, situated at the heart of Legoland, right after The Beginning. But you can always take picture later after you have completed all the rides. 
  3. Board Legoland Express first (at Legoland City) since even babies are allowed on this ride, if accompanied by adult of course. The train will take you around the park.
  4. Bring your children to Duplo Playtown (shaded area) in ‘Imagination’ if you are sick of queueing and just want to watch your children having fun by themselves (suitable for toddlers and preschoolers).
  5. You can find many activities that do not involve ride or roller coaster in Imagination land. 
  6. Baby care and prayer room are also located in this area. 
  7. Bring gigantic golf umbrella, drinking water, lots of tissue papers (or face towel because you’ll be sweating like hell), hats, and also don’t forget to put on sunblock with the highest spf that you have. 
  8. You can always rent a stroller or double stroller if you forgot to bring yours. 
  9. Well, of course the foods in Legoland are expensive, what do you expect? If you are short of cash, there is always Maybank ATM machine near the entrance.



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  2. do they allow us to bring inside our bagpack?do they have some sort of locker where we can keep our stuff safely? you know we don't really want to carry our stuff all around legoland but still wanna bring in some food since the food is super expensive inside there.. thanks for the info! =)