January 01, 2013

2013 Resolutions

Let's check one by one my 2012's resolutions, whether I have managed to achieve them or not.

1. To be a good mother to my daughter and my son (to teach Hana ABC and 123 so that she is able to read by 4 years old) (Partially achieved)
2. To be a good wife to my husband (Read: more caring, less bebel). (Achieved. I think so...)
3. To be a good daughter to my parents and a good sister to my siblings and in laws (Read: Positive thinking, more patient) (I'm not sure, have to ask them to verify)
4. To write at least 2 journal papers with impact factor more than 0.5. (sikit sikit lama lama jadi bukit). (Achieved, although I wasn't the main author)
5. To own at least 2 copyrights by the end of 2012. (Not achieved)
6. To write at least 2 book chapters or non-indexed journal. (Not achieved)
7. To be a good supervisor to my students (frequent meetings, more knowledgeable). (Achieved, i think so. I met my students quite regular this year compared to 2011)
8. To own an MPV, without having to break the bank (Read: more saving, less shopping). (Achieved! I am now a proud owner of Exora Bold. I don't give a damn to what people said about me when I've transformed my BMW into local brand Exora. Who cares? As long as I am happy and my children are really happy with our current car)
9. To shop wisely and using brain (Read: saving, saving, saving). (Achieved. We managed to do more saving this year and used the money to decorate our house)
10. To send a paper to one of the IEEE International ComSoc Major conferences. (Still in review)

So basically I have achieved 5 out of 10 resolutions I've listed down last year. I am just going to carry forward the 5 resolutions that I couldn't achieve in 2012 or resolutions that I think are relevant forever. Apart from the existing resolutions, these are some other things that I wish to achieve in 2013:

  • Write a journal paper as main author
  • At least one international conference and one local conference for this year
  • Find a place for industrial training
  • More and more saving for Umrah with husband
  • Regular exercise, eat healthily => lose weight
  • Hana can read basic English, Malay and Chinese, recognize numbers and can recite AlFatihah properly and several other surah.
  • Amzar can recognize basic alphabets, can recite AlFatihah properly.
  • Be a good muslimah, improve my relationship with Allah.

Let's pray that I can achieve my resolutions in 2013. Ameen.

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  1. Life :
    To cook cikana Nasi tomato and daging goreng kunyit. thanks.